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Don’t know where to start with low carb dieting – but want to lose weight without being hungry?

If you feel that low carb diets are everywhere right now. That everyone is doing it. That you should really give it a go but don’t know how. Then I may be able to help.

If you fit into any of the following categories I may be able to help you:

Sick of trying new diets as you always lose weight but don’t keep it off. You have tried everything and although it’s hard you do really well, but when you stop dieting you put the weight back on and more.

Lost because there is too much contradictory information out there and you don’t know where to start. There are millions of web pages and books but they all say something slightly different and talk about macros and nutrients – it’s just too complicated!

Struggle with anxiety and depression which controls your eating more than you do. You know what to eat, you start off well and then something happens that makes you grab for the chocolate or crisps and everything unravels and you are back to square one.

Frustrated with weighing and measuring everything that you eat and want a different way. Why can’t you just know what to eat and eat it without measuring and calculating – it’s just about eating less right?

But first ask the question – why is it that some people just forget to eat, they don’t have any issues  – food  just doesn’t bother them?

Is it because some people are just hungrier than others? That they have different metabolisms? That they aren’t emotional eaters?

I don’t think it has much to do with genes but more to do with the types of food that you are using as fuel for your body. The trouble with many ‘diets’ is that they don’t teach you the difference between good and bad fuels. What will promote the hormones that make you full and what will suppress the hormones that make you hungry. They encourage you instead to ‘not miss out’ on the very foods that make you want to eat more and to manipulate your body in a way that goes against millions of years of evolution.

Let me tell you about what happened when I ditched the carbs and ate in a way that went against all the traditional approaches by upping fat:

  • I stopped wanting to eat all the time
  • I no longer yearned after the foods I used to think I was ‘missing out on’
  • I dropped weight without thinking about it
  • I had massive health benefits from fitness to control of seizures
  • I wanted to tell others how to do this too

I literally see myself as a ‘low carb buddy’ who is there for you to help you do this too.  I know how:

  • frustrating it is to try really hard to lose weight and put it all back on again
  • annoying it is when Dr’s and friends preach to you about what you should do (especially, when they have never struggled with their weight)
  • depressing it is when you can’t fit into the clothes that you want
  • it has to be quick – no complicated recipes –  there’s not enough time in the day as it is – right?

So I promise to:

  • Listen to your frustrations
  • Find a way forward that works for you
  • Keep it simple
  • See the bigger picture of  your mind as well as body

Lots of people make promises, especially online and it’s hard to know who to trust so let me tell your four things about me that might help you decide:

Number 1.

I live this.

I don’t just run a business I live every day practicing what I preach with very little time on my hands to make fancy recipes, measure things or do tonnes of exercise. I’ve tried every shortcut, so you don’t have to. I’m constantly in ketosis which is achieved by eating less than 50 grams of carbs a day (which is way less than you need to eat). I can guide you from experience on how to achieve your goals.

Number 2

I’m a qualified, practicing solutions focussed hypnotherapist and have 13 years of experience in helping people gain confidence and overcome anxiety, phobias and depression.

This is what a client of mine says:

I have a panic disorder and was unsure of how hypnotherapy could help me but I needed to give it a go. Sam instantly put my mind at rest and was incredibly friendly. The sessions have helped me so much and I will be eternally grateful. It has not cured my disorder however I have learned how to manage it much more and I am so grateful to Sam for that. X.

Number 3

I’m an online learning specialist working for the University of the West of England, I have my Certificate in Education which allows me to teach adults in a college situation. This means that not only am I great at working online but also, I really understand how people learn and how to explain things in a way to help you understand.

I work online or face to face but either experience will be easy and make complete sense.

This is feedback from my Facebook page:

‘I was the lucky winner of the weekly draw for a coaching session with Sam. The session was very productive and enlightening.
I started my low carb journey some time ago, but I feel that Sam’s knowledge and practical tips were true game changers on my way forward.
The way it works is also really practical and the technology simple and easy to managing. I was travelling for work, on a weekend and simply connected from my phone in the end of my meetings. Nice and easy.
Thank you, Sam. I really enjoyed our hour together.’


Number 4:

I’ve studied to find out why being low carb works. When I realised that I wanted more people to know about being low carb, I also realised that I needed to understand the science to be able to really make a difference. Showing up and saying ‘do this because it worked for me’ wasn’t enough. I looked around and the best option was to train as a ‘Primal’ coach. Mark Sisson wrote a book called ‘The 21 day total body transformation’ which I had read before trying the keto diet and it supported everything that I was doing, low carb, high fat, but it also goes more into lifestyle changes that are of benefit to everyone. This is called the ‘Primal’ approach and it fits so well with everything that I understand about the brain that I knew is was the right way to bring the weightloss and hypnotherapy together. So I signed up and now also understand the science around the diet and can explain that to you in a really easy to understand way.

Going low carb is a lifestyle change rather than a diet and it can be difficult to work out what to do, so I  help people by:

  • use my skills as a trainer and hypnotherapist to help you understand why it works. Get over the mental stumbling blocks that arise in the process, and stay on track until you lose the weight that you want to feel good
  • providing tips for making low carb food choices
  • suggestions on buying low carb food
  • helping you decide what to eat while you are out and about


If you would like to book a FREE 30 minute coaching call with me to talk though an issue that you have with going low carb then there is a link below to allow you to do that.

If you click on it the following will happen:

1. You will be taken to a web page with available times and dates.

2. You will be:

  • able to select a slot to suit you
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  • given instructions to click on the link at the date and time that you have selected

3. When you click on the link you will be taken to something called a webinar room. If you have headphones for your phone you can use them to speak to me and listen. Alternatively you can use the computer, phone or tablet speakers and microphone.

4. We can then have a chat about an aspect of going low carb that you find tricky. I’ll give you all the help I can in the time available to solve this problem.

5. At the end I send you a link to a free low carb workbook and relaxation track to get you started.

Click on the link below and don’t forget that it will take you to a booking page where you can choose a time.

Looking forward to chatting to you soon.

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