My favourite low carb treats

Going low carb can seem quite daunting when you realise that ANY shop bought cake or sweet treat has loads of carbs in and will probably use your carb allowance for the day. The most popular posts on my Facebook page (here) are always the pictures of cakes and sweet treats with a comment of […]

Eat fat and lose weight?

I was born just before the explosion of ready meals, fast food and added sugar and as a result of this I joined in fully – Birds Eye roast dinners in a tin foil tray, crisps, sandwiches, new mega chocolate bars and the list goes on. So it was no real surprise that I then […]

Primal coaching

  So I’ve taken the bull by the horns and signed up for a course called Primal Coaching. This is exciting – it’s not just about eating low carb and keto but an all round approach to having a healthy life. I read the book a few years ago – it’s by Mark Sisson and […]