About LCB

Hi I’m Sam Crowley,

I run ‘Low Carb Buddy’ aimed at helping people achieve their health and weight loss goals by sharing my knowledge of  primal low carb living and hypnotherapy.

We have been told for so long to eat low fat and ‘whole grain’  and cut out sugar to lose weight and be healthy and this is couldn’t be further from the truth. Low fat diets will lead to you constantly craving food – fat makes you feel full  – take the fat away and you are constantly looking for the next meal.

Whole grain, may be a step up from than the stripped ‘white’ equivalents e.g. bread and pasta but they are still very high in carbs and carbs are essentially sugar. So telling us to cut our sugar, lower our fat and increase our ‘whole grains’ is a contradiction in itself.  Although it may produce short term weight loss it is impossible to sustain.

Going low carb is a lifestyle change rather than a diet and it can be difficult to work out what to do, so I  help people by:

  • providing tips for making low carb food choices
  • suggestions on buying low carb food
  • help you decide what to eat while you are out and about
  • use my skills as a trainer and hypnotherapist to get over the mental stumbling blocks that arise in the process

I know from experience what a difference this can make. I went low carb to help control seizures. I’ve had epilepsy since I was six and although controlled during the day with tablets it was getting harder and harder to control at night and was starting to affect my ability to work. When the neurologist suggested surgery I knew I had to find another way. After research a very low carb diet called the ketogenic diet, seemed to be the thing to try – and it worked. But not only did I control the seizures but also dropped weight without really trying. Having previously been on countless diets and yo yoing for years I had finally found an easy, no stress way to lose weight.

However, for me things have to be simple – I’m too busy to spend hours in the kitchen so everything I do is about speed and simplicity. I’m a trainer, primal coach and hypnotherapist so what I aim to do is help other people (like you) take the knowledge I have and apply it to their own lives. I want you to be the healthiest and best version of you that you can be.