My favourite low carb treats

Going low carb can seem quite daunting when you realise that ANY shop bought cake or sweet treat has loads of carbs in and will probably use your carb allowance for the day. The most popular posts on my Facebook page (here) are always the pictures of cakes and sweet treats with a comment of ‘recipe please’ so I thought that I would put  my favourite, easy recipes all in one place for easy access. I really do think anyone can make these, as I am so far away from Deliah Smith standards that it’s not even funny. I have no patience in the kitchen so I also tend to use American recipes that use cups instead of measuring in grams.

I’ll post some links  to some useful ingredients and accessories that you may need to get you started at the end of the article as well.

SO to start with I have to mention this brownie recipe. This is, as stated in the recipe the BEST brownie recipe – they aren’t lying. I don’t always bother with using melted chocolate and I have also adapted it and added orange flavouring, and also ditched the chocolate all together and used shredded coconut instead of cocoa powder and added lemon oil. If you don’t have lemon or orange oil I think a sprinkle of no sugar jelly crystals would also do the trick. You have to make this – do it now!

Best fudgy keto brownies – How to make rich keto brownie? Only 2g carbs

Next on my list is this low carb cheesecake recipe. It is so simple, works with lots of different flavours and can look really lovely if you put fresh fruit on top. Most importantly though is that it’s delicious.

The simplicity comes from the fact that it uses sugar free jelly for flavouring, which I’ve then adapted to use in other recipes as it works so well. I made this for a family get together and also provided full sugar alternatives and the cheesecake was definitely the most popular (I was happy they liked it but was a little bit sad at the same time as there were no leftovers).

I need to cook the base for a little bit longer than the recipe said and I have also added cocoa powder to the base for a lovely chocolatey flavour, when I made it using raspberry jelly. I also used Stevia instead of Splenda.

I am not putting a link to buy Stevia online because it is much cheaper to buy it in Asda or Morrisons as they do a home brand for less than £2.

Low Carb Lemon Cheesecake


The final addition to the list is this muffin recipe, the recipe uses strawberries but I’ve also used raspberries, blueberries and also a sprinkle of lemon sugar free jelly for lemon muffins. If you follow the recipe you can’t go wrong – my top tip would be to use eggs that are at room temperature (or put them in a bowl of hot water first they won’t cook), I didn’t know this but for some reason the eggs being cold can add to the eggy flavour – who would have thought it?

Strawberry Vanilla Muffin (Almond Flour)

I hope you have a fab time making these lovely low carb treats, batch cook on a Sunday and keep them handy for the week when you feel that need for something sweet.

I have also frozen the brownies successfully as well, so if it’s just you eating them wrap them individually and pop them in the freezer to make them last longer.

Useful links:

I use this almond flour and sweetener as the small packets from the supermarket really start to add up (or as an alternative sweetener you could buy Stevia from Asda or Morrisons :0))

These cups also come with a spoon set which may be handy if you haven’t cooked before:


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