It’s not selfish to look after yourself. Let me tell you why……

Stress directly affects your ability to lose weight.

This week has been hectic. Modern life is hectic. We take this for granted and carry on. We work, try and keep a house up together, look after our children and then beat ourselves up for not doing more. Then we wonder why we are reaching for the sugary foods, biscuits, cakes, crisps sometimes just to get us through an afternoon at work.

This isn’t how we evolved, when we were cavemen we had plenty of rest and play, lots of low level movement and a massive effort once in a while to catch dinner. This lifestyle worked so well that we survived.

When we get stressed and anxious worrying about the things that we haven’t done, or need to do, we produce cortisol. Cortisol is useful to keep us alive, but it also stimulates the production of a hunger hormone called ghrelin that tells us we are hungry, and affects the hormone leptin which tells us that we are full. The reason for this is simple, if we are in danger we need to be able to run away, we can’t run away without having energy, food will give us extra energy. Simples.

However, we are rarely in danger these days, only from being overrun by our list of things to do. So, if we don’t manage our stress it becomes harder and harder to lose weight, simply because we have lots of ghrelin swishing about (I don’t think it actually swishes, but you know what I mean :)) Low carb does gives us access to the fat that we store as energy, so we do get more done, but it’s so important to stop as well and not beat ourselves up for not being super human. I have found myself much hungrier this week purely because I’m putting so much pressure on myself.

So obviously I am not the greatest at this, I have a long list, but I do rely on yoga a lot to get things in perspective and my hypnotherapy track. The breathing from yoga really grounds you and the positive messages from the track go a long way to helping.

So, I know it’s tough, but if you are trying to lose weight you need to see the whole picture – what is stressing you out, what can you change, how can you look after yourself. It’s not selfish to put yourself first because when you look after yourself  you feel good, and then, you are in a much better position to look after others.

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