Primal coaching


So I’ve taken the bull by the horns and signed up for a course called Primal Coaching. This is exciting – it’s not just about eating low carb and keto but an all round approach to having a healthy life.

I read the book a few years ago – it’s by Mark Sisson and the one I read was called was 21 Day Total Body Transformation. Have a look at his Primal Blueprint here. It’s about lifestyle as well as food and honouring the genes that we have, which essentially haven’t changed since we were cavemen – hence the ‘primal’ coaching.

It’s such a sensible approach to health, no hours in the gym, no running for miles a week and no counting calories. Best of all it is low carb and encourages ketosis as a natural state to be in.

There are ten suggested primal laws that kept our ancestors alive and healthy – contrary to popular belief if they kept away from predators and didn’t get injured or sick cavemen had the potential to live to the age of 94 with no medical care. This dropped in the bronze age to an average age of 18 and we’ve only recently caught up with sanitation, hospitals and drugs – no such luxury for them!

Law 1? Eat plants and animals – eating what was available including the fatty bits of the animals is what helped us develop our brains – hunting and foraging helped us get ahead in the brain game meaning that we survived evolution! Hoorah for us – makes sense that we keep doing it. Our genes are essentially the same now as they were then.

Find out more about why this is a sensible approach to food in my next post.



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